Tuesday, July 22, 2014

day one in Alabama

Today i woke up early to go somewhere i have not gone before my little brother's papa's house, but fist we must start from me getting to my grandparent's house i have not eaten yet so i was hungry and sleepy after all it was 7:00 am not my usual time waking up after we packed the food and the cloths and all of the other stuff we where off not to papa's house yet i was still hungry from not eating breakfast at the wonderful food joint called Hardies well it is not the best but this place means a lot to me from the past i get what i always get biscuit and gravy ( sorry for my spelling on odd words) then after eating we where on our way to our trip we drove for a long time with no stop until we arrived and when we did me and john played together for a bit then went swimming in the lake it was very deep but fun after swimming we headed inside and ate lunch then played pool and air hockey i had so much fun today, fun filled days usually come with good night sleeps too...well i hope so anyway i also hoped you liked this story and can not wait for the next day and see what i am going to do. Do not forget to like, comment, and share i always read the comments and love the likes too as well as the shares. See ya later!!!! Here are some pictures that was taken today.