Wednesday, July 16, 2014

an up date in our goats

lately i have been so busy i have not been able to spend time with my lovely goats, so i dedicate this post to all of my awesome goats. I love them sooooo much, i would have a small handful of goat feed and they would jump all over me, they are silly and i had such a great day with them, i just love spending time with my goats. and here they all are!!! they have their own stories goaty was our first goat we love her so much then came go-te-a and chev they where bought from a friend and then last but not least go-tee and stud muffin we got these from a friend who knows a whole lot about goats i can not wait to what beautiful bucks these are going to turn out to be, if you want to read more about their parents and where they used to live check out this blog!!! the mom of stud muffin is named milky whey and go-tee's mom is named amelia.
Go-tee (Such a cute puppy face!)

goaty (scratching her head on the old bike)

stud muffin (some what camera shy)

chev (Loves the camera)

Go-te-a and her sister chev (goaty photo bombing and chev can not get enough of the camera)