Thursday, June 26, 2014

13 the "unlucky" number

Most people say that 13 is an unlucky number but i just think 13 is just the number that comes after 12, yesterday i finally went fishing on my dad's boat for the first time this year!!!! the way we fish is not really by rod and real but with limb lines i enjoy pulling fish out of the water like that. so here is where my story begins we have the boat in the water ready to go so we did the first limb line nothing it was the same for the past 11 or 12 so we get down to number 13 we pulled in the line and one the other end of the line was our first fish!! so we get down and about every other line was a fish we had so much fun as i was going to grab a branch i suddenly saw 2 small black eyes i jerked my hand away and said snake and it was, the snake was a long, skinny, smooth, green snake (Which i named Fred)! no i did not get bit just to let you guys know. later on in the trip i heard a splash and i saw a brown bump moving a across the water, it was a good thing i knew what it was, it was only just a beaver i had a great time fishing and i hope to go again soon, at the end we caught 7 catfish. i hope you like this wonderful story if you have any questions or comments please let me know i love those! hope to hear from whom ever is reading this.

imgres.jpg (Fred the green snake i almost grabbed)

to early for fall.

So i have been thinking about posting this story for a little bit now, so i decided to tell you it!!! Most of you know i ride horses and i am not the best but i can ride so i thought, i was riding a little poney he was a good poney somtimes hard to cautch but has a bumpy trot i was going to ride english but i could not find the girth so being lazy i just wanted ride bareback bad decision buddy i walked for a bit wich was ok so i thought i get into a trot the first time wich was very very bumpy i almost fell off so i walked for a bit more then lined up ready to trot across the ring again. i shifted my leg a little to much up and i bounced down the horses back so i tried to get back to the withers to regain my balance and i did get back only thing now is that i could not stop at the withers i keep going forward so grabbed the main of the horse and i shot like a rocket in front of the horse the horse stopped as soon as i hit the ground i thank god that i was wearing a helmet! i sat their for a min to see if i was injured in any way my left arm had some scratches on it but that was i keep thinking to myself that was the FIRST time EVER falling off a horse more than less a pony!  so i got up and said i think that is enough for the day don't you think boy and the horse nodded his head as if he was saying yes we played on the ground for a little bit then i let him go that day was a reminder that i always need to: A.) wear a helmet and B.)  when riding the pony put a saddle on and if i could not find a saddle put a bareback pad on and the last but not least do not be lazy!!! i hope you enjoyed the story no one was hurt in this story well i little for me but if you have any questions or comments let me know i love those!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

the last bottel

Yesterday i made the our baby goats bottels like we do every evening but this was diffrent than all the other bottel feedings this was their last bottel the would ever get in their lives! As i was feeding them i looked back on all the days we have had these wounderful baby goats all the way to day one where we picked them and drove home with them they have changed over the weeks and the weeks became months most of you know i left for a week and when i came back they where so diffrent! I love these goats and i would not give them up for the world but just the fact that, it was their LAST bottle made me want them to be baby kids again. ~HIH If you have any questioms or comments please do not be afraid to say or ask.

not lost forever

So last week i went to water conservation workshop DOWN in tiftion GA at a collage called ABAC. I was chosen out of few i had such a wonderful time, i laughed, prayed, i shot a shot gun for the first time, was really good with a bow, and met unforgettable friendships to last a life time. If i could i would do it over again in a heart beat i learned soooo much! I went to a young farmers meeting and i understood everything that he said and that would not have been possible if i did not go to the workshop. I would like to thank the people who sponsored me to go i had such a great time!!!! And i am also glad that i was not alone my awesome friend A.M was their to stand by my side and as i was for her to, her blog is posted on the home page (it is the lost in la la land one.) we where handed these cards to get to point a and b which really made me feel like i was part of shield or something, the food their was so good but right before the test my and my friend could not eat we where so nervous about the big test to see what we have learned! When i finally got home i was so tired so i took the next day to rest some i feel really good now i hope you liked my really cool story if you have ANY questions or comments let me know i love comments and questions i hope you have a blessed day! My friend has inspired me to write a poem. This poem is for my friends and family!!

 As i say hi to
                      by By H I H
Sunday morning i walk into a new land
One could be scared at first
But 2 could make this trip grand
I did not know this feeling
Of finding joy and wanting to burst
Everyday was all about learning
What to do or what not to do
Is it to be or mot to be
I will never forget that week
That week meant a lot to me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The grand opening my bible blog

I have looked into making a bible blog! Currently i am learning about family the unit study i am using is the bible app i will keep a day to day post on what i have learned so you can too enjoy the teachings for the family!