Monday, September 1, 2014

ROAD TRIP!! part 1

this past weekend i learned a couple of things like:
    1.) how to take a selfie.
    2.) what it is like to live in a tiny house with lots of people
    3.) find ways to entertain yourself on those long road trips!

the road trip stared Saturday morning at 5 am we all crammed in the van for we knew their was a long road trip ahead of us it was a we got to our destination in north Carolina it was about 11 am we got settled in a hanged out for the rest of the day. the next day we got up and today was the day that we had fun we went to a candy shop the place reminded me like a 3 year old again the candy was so pretty and me lol!! here are a lot but not all pictures from the candy shop...

look a selfie

Shannon the shark eating a red Swedish fish! 

the enchanted party

I know i have not made much post because i have been so busy. but now that i have time to sit i shall share with you an adventure!it was a Sunday morning i got up and fixed myself to go to work just like a normal day of work but this was different i got to go on a adventure with my friend A.M!!! she has a blog to here is the link: but anyway we went to a house to give an enchanted pony ride to a small girl she was so sweet and the family and friends where so nice we had so much fun and best of all i was a princess A.M was a elf princess the animals where dressed up pretty and everyone had such a great time!! here are some pictures from the advent we did...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

me and flickia out together on a ride

Yesterday i came over to ride Flickia she was great, once you get her warmed up to riding, once she was good at that i cantered for the first time ever and jumped a little bit too i had fun that day but also it was sad, one of my friends made her long journey home. i have some pictures to share and do not forget to like, comment, and share and i will see yall later!

I also got to see my sparkles!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

my first goat show

yesterday i went to my first goat show, but i was not showing but helping out at the goat show, i was selling T-shirts. I learned a lot that day i hope to show goats in the future, in the beginning of the show their was a pe-we show and anyone who has never showed a goat had a chance to show i goat i could not this time but next i will for sure. My brother and sisters did show goats today i bet they had fun, i know i did. well i hope you liked, commented, and shared i hope to see yall soon! here are some picture from this advent!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

a wounder evening show

today i went to a wonderful evening show it was just animals no pony rides, i had such a blast and i bet the kids had a blast too. we played, i got hugs, and the kids saw all of the different animals, they had a really cool rabbit that they just got it looked like a silver fox his name was Savannah (yes i did say he) and he was a cutie. OH and i was photo bombed for the first time i thought it was so cool that i was photo bombed. (most people do not like that but i think it is so cool for the right time too.) The show lasted 2 hours but i wish it was longer, I look forward on doing more shows for them soon, i hoped you liked this post do not for get to like, comment, and share i will see yall soon! here are some pictures from this adventure...

puff the angora rabbit


Wyatt the donkey

Cloud the lamb

my favorite alpaca

Day out with friends

Yesterday I went to a wonderful house to play, I had so much fun my brothers and sisters swam and I rode the most amazing pony named Millie . I love Millie so much we trotted and walked around  in their round pin I wish to see Millie again soon, and I would like to thank my best friend Carolyn to let me ride Millie and I would also like to thank Mrs.Susan her family is AMAZING here is her blog so you can check that out as well ... and do not forget to like, comment, and share and i will see yall soon!! her are some pictures on that day.
Millie before riding

Me riding mille

My best friend Carolyn


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

day one in Alabama

Today i woke up early to go somewhere i have not gone before my little brother's papa's house, but fist we must start from me getting to my grandparent's house i have not eaten yet so i was hungry and sleepy after all it was 7:00 am not my usual time waking up after we packed the food and the cloths and all of the other stuff we where off not to papa's house yet i was still hungry from not eating breakfast at the wonderful food joint called Hardies well it is not the best but this place means a lot to me from the past i get what i always get biscuit and gravy ( sorry for my spelling on odd words) then after eating we where on our way to our trip we drove for a long time with no stop until we arrived and when we did me and john played together for a bit then went swimming in the lake it was very deep but fun after swimming we headed inside and ate lunch then played pool and air hockey i had so much fun today, fun filled days usually come with good night sleeps too...well i hope so anyway i also hoped you liked this story and can not wait for the next day and see what i am going to do. Do not forget to like, comment, and share i always read the comments and love the likes too as well as the shares. See ya later!!!! Here are some pictures that was taken today.