Tuesday, July 22, 2014

day one in Alabama

Today i woke up early to go somewhere i have not gone before my little brother's papa's house, but fist we must start from me getting to my grandparent's house i have not eaten yet so i was hungry and sleepy after all it was 7:00 am not my usual time waking up after we packed the food and the cloths and all of the other stuff we where off not to papa's house yet i was still hungry from not eating breakfast at the wonderful food joint called Hardies well it is not the best but this place means a lot to me from the past i get what i always get biscuit and gravy ( sorry for my spelling on odd words) then after eating we where on our way to our trip we drove for a long time with no stop until we arrived and when we did me and john played together for a bit then went swimming in the lake it was very deep but fun after swimming we headed inside and ate lunch then played pool and air hockey i had so much fun today, fun filled days usually come with good night sleeps too...well i hope so anyway i also hoped you liked this story and can not wait for the next day and see what i am going to do. Do not forget to like, comment, and share i always read the comments and love the likes too as well as the shares. See ya later!!!! Here are some pictures that was taken today.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A day at the petting farm!

July 19, 2014 i got to volunteer / have a daddy daughter date i had such a great time i gave pony rides, took care of alpacas, and taught other people about the animals. we had 2 shows that day both near atlanta it was rainy for the most part the daddy daughter date was in between the two shows we went to a real Chinese food shop i ordered beef and rice then we where off to the other show most of the parties where for 2 and 3 year olds i love small kids well i hope you liked this story i have more to come do not forget to like, comment, share just what ever you want see ya later!
alice the alpaca

Annabelle the angora goat

charlotte the cow

me and puff the angora bunny

mary the lamb

me and magic the pony 
the food i eat (which was so good!)

olivia the pot belly pig

me and magic again


blue eyed alpaca 

our 2nd show that day

tired alice and charlotte 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Launching my not new and improved twitter out!!!!!!

today i am announcing my twitter page it not to new but it is improved, i will try to keep as many updates on that twitter as possible even more than my blog so you my viewers can get V.I.P access isn't that just grand! so check it out if you will! my handler name i think you would call it sorry if i am wrong is @sparkles0poney hope you like this and comment or share all those are great see ya later!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

an up date in our goats

lately i have been so busy i have not been able to spend time with my lovely goats, so i dedicate this post to all of my awesome goats. I love them sooooo much, i would have a small handful of goat feed and they would jump all over me, they are silly and i had such a great day with them, i just love spending time with my goats. and here they all are!!! they have their own stories goaty was our first goat we love her so much then came go-te-a and chev they where bought from a friend and then last but not least go-tee and stud muffin we got these from a friend who knows a whole lot about goats i can not wait to what beautiful bucks these are going to turn out to be, if you want to read more about their parents and where they used to live check out this blog!!! http://sanctuaryfarm.blogspot.com/ the mom of stud muffin is named milky whey and go-tee's mom is named amelia.
Go-tee (Such a cute puppy face!)

goaty (scratching her head on the old bike)

stud muffin (some what camera shy)

chev (Loves the camera)

Go-te-a and her sister chev (goaty photo bombing and chev can not get enough of the camera)

Monday, July 14, 2014

a masquerade party!!!!!!

Today i went to many places and one of them was pier one imports as i was walking and looking at all of the diffrent thing i noticed something masqerade masks not just the cheap $1 ones these where hand made and straight from Italy i tried all of them on i liked only 2 or 3 here are some pictures of the masks i liked. At the end of today I was wore out i think i want to do a formal masquerade for my sweet 16 not sure yet, hope you liked this post do not for get to like and  comment or both! see ya later. :)

a good ride

the other day i went to an amazing un birthday party i spent the night and the next day i rode a great horse named flickia. i put on a black english saddle and rode all day well from 7 to about 3 any way i hardly get to ride so when i do i ride for a long time. this horse i like because she is safe to ride she dose not really listen a whole lot but i still love her, I had a great time riding with  3 of my best friends. well i hope you liked my story please make comments, likes, and shares!!

cow appreation day

Today was cow appreation day!!!! I love this day we dress up as a cow get a free meal and just have fun. Last year i was thor the cow but this year i wanted to have a costume that would be the best out of all so i was elsa from frozen i used the ice dress well not the same one i made some small changes to the outfit. But i had a great time with my family met up with some friends and over all had a great time! If you have any sugeations on the cow out fits let me know!!! I look forward on what i am going to be net year!