Monday, September 1, 2014

ROAD TRIP!! part 1

this past weekend i learned a couple of things like:
    1.) how to take a selfie.
    2.) what it is like to live in a tiny house with lots of people
    3.) find ways to entertain yourself on those long road trips!

the road trip stared Saturday morning at 5 am we all crammed in the van for we knew their was a long road trip ahead of us it was a we got to our destination in north Carolina it was about 11 am we got settled in a hanged out for the rest of the day. the next day we got up and today was the day that we had fun we went to a candy shop the place reminded me like a 3 year old again the candy was so pretty and me lol!! here are a lot but not all pictures from the candy shop...

look a selfie

Shannon the shark eating a red Swedish fish! 

the enchanted party

I know i have not made much post because i have been so busy. but now that i have time to sit i shall share with you an adventure!it was a Sunday morning i got up and fixed myself to go to work just like a normal day of work but this was different i got to go on a adventure with my friend A.M!!! she has a blog to here is the link: but anyway we went to a house to give an enchanted pony ride to a small girl she was so sweet and the family and friends where so nice we had so much fun and best of all i was a princess A.M was a elf princess the animals where dressed up pretty and everyone had such a great time!! here are some pictures from the advent we did...