Thursday, June 26, 2014

to early for fall.

So i have been thinking about posting this story for a little bit now, so i decided to tell you it!!! Most of you know i ride horses and i am not the best but i can ride so i thought, i was riding a little poney he was a good poney somtimes hard to cautch but has a bumpy trot i was going to ride english but i could not find the girth so being lazy i just wanted ride bareback bad decision buddy i walked for a bit wich was ok so i thought i get into a trot the first time wich was very very bumpy i almost fell off so i walked for a bit more then lined up ready to trot across the ring again. i shifted my leg a little to much up and i bounced down the horses back so i tried to get back to the withers to regain my balance and i did get back only thing now is that i could not stop at the withers i keep going forward so grabbed the main of the horse and i shot like a rocket in front of the horse the horse stopped as soon as i hit the ground i thank god that i was wearing a helmet! i sat their for a min to see if i was injured in any way my left arm had some scratches on it but that was i keep thinking to myself that was the FIRST time EVER falling off a horse more than less a pony!  so i got up and said i think that is enough for the day don't you think boy and the horse nodded his head as if he was saying yes we played on the ground for a little bit then i let him go that day was a reminder that i always need to: A.) wear a helmet and B.)  when riding the pony put a saddle on and if i could not find a saddle put a bareback pad on and the last but not least do not be lazy!!! i hope you enjoyed the story no one was hurt in this story well i little for me but if you have any questions or comments let me know i love those!!!