Friday, June 20, 2014

not lost forever

So last week i went to water conservation workshop DOWN in tiftion GA at a collage called ABAC. I was chosen out of few i had such a wonderful time, i laughed, prayed, i shot a shot gun for the first time, was really good with a bow, and met unforgettable friendships to last a life time. If i could i would do it over again in a heart beat i learned soooo much! I went to a young farmers meeting and i understood everything that he said and that would not have been possible if i did not go to the workshop. I would like to thank the people who sponsored me to go i had such a great time!!!! And i am also glad that i was not alone my awesome friend A.M was their to stand by my side and as i was for her to, her blog is posted on the home page (it is the lost in la la land one.) we where handed these cards to get to point a and b which really made me feel like i was part of shield or something, the food their was so good but right before the test my and my friend could not eat we where so nervous about the big test to see what we have learned! When i finally got home i was so tired so i took the next day to rest some i feel really good now i hope you liked my really cool story if you have ANY questions or comments let me know i love comments and questions i hope you have a blessed day! My friend has inspired me to write a poem. This poem is for my friends and family!!

 As i say hi to
                      by By H I H
Sunday morning i walk into a new land
One could be scared at first
But 2 could make this trip grand
I did not know this feeling
Of finding joy and wanting to burst
Everyday was all about learning
What to do or what not to do
Is it to be or mot to be
I will never forget that week
That week meant a lot to me.