Saturday, August 2, 2014

a wounder evening show

today i went to a wonderful evening show it was just animals no pony rides, i had such a blast and i bet the kids had a blast too. we played, i got hugs, and the kids saw all of the different animals, they had a really cool rabbit that they just got it looked like a silver fox his name was Savannah (yes i did say he) and he was a cutie. OH and i was photo bombed for the first time i thought it was so cool that i was photo bombed. (most people do not like that but i think it is so cool for the right time too.) The show lasted 2 hours but i wish it was longer, I look forward on doing more shows for them soon, i hoped you liked this post do not for get to like, comment, and share i will see yall soon! here are some pictures from this adventure...

puff the angora rabbit


Wyatt the donkey

Cloud the lamb

my favorite alpaca